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ISSN : 2233-4165(Print)
ISSN : 2233-5382(Online)
Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business Vol.10 No.4 pp.7-12

Growth Strategy of The International Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business

Eung-Kyo Suh*,Dong-Jin Shin**,Dongho Kim***,Myoung-Kil Youn****
* Professor, Graduate school of Business, Dankook University, Korea. Tel: +82-31-8005-3981, E-mail:
** Professor, Appenzeller School of Global Business, Pai Chai University, Korea. E-mail:
*** Associate Professor/Department Chair, Business, International Business, & Marketing, SUNY Empire State College, Tel: 607-273-4536, E-mail:
**** Corresponding Author, Professor, College of Health Industry, Eulji University, Korea, Tel: +82-31-740-7292, E-mail:
March 16, 2019. March 30, 2019. April 05, 2019.


Purpose – The purpose of this study is to analyze the current status of various fusion research journals and its operational strategies, comparing them to those of IJIDB.
Research design, data, and methodology - This study focused on the content analysis and strategies of operations for other convergence journals, comparing them to IJIDB in terms of the number of publication journals, publications, academic scope, and the impact factor.
Results - IJIDB is relatively new and in its developmental stages compared to other convergence journals. But, IJIDB also shows much promise in that it came second in the field of economic publications of 54 journals in 2017. In order to To elevate IJIDB journal to the top in Korea Citation Index Journals, KODISA should host more international conferences to increase its international recognition levels, develop its managerial functions for increased stability, and open more opportunities for Candidates of Ph.D and Masters degree students to publish for fostering and building potential leaders and innovators.
Conclusions – IJIDB is a newly born academic journal. In the future, IJIDB will be able to develop exponentially and be one of the leading journals in the Korea Citation Index by continually learning and developing its operational strategies.

JEL Classification: I20, I23, I29.





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