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ISSN : 2233-4165(Print)
ISSN : 2233-5382(Online)
Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business Vol.9 No.12 pp.45-53

A Study on the Unmanned convenience Store Operation System from the Viewpoint of Visual Merchandising

Jung-Hwa Seo**,Hoe-Chang Yang***,Chul-Ju Park****,Myoung-Kil Youn*****
** First Author, Ph.D. researcher, Dept. of Medical IT & Marketing, Eulji University, Korea. E-mail:
*** Assistant Professor, Dept. of Distribution management, Jangan University, Korea. Tel: +82-31-299-3133, E-mail:
**** Professor, Department of Business, Administration, Sahmyook University, Korea. Tel: +82-02-3399-1557, E-mail:
***** Corresponding Author, Professor, Dept. of Medical IT & Marketing, Eulji University, Korea. Tel: +82-31-740-7292, E-mail:
November 21, 2018 November 30, 2018 December 05, 2018


Purpose - The purpose of the study was to investigate operation system of current convenience store and competing retail store and to find out development of unattended convenience store. Operators can save labor cost and solve labor seeking when opening shop under suitable environment and commerce area, and assure of employee’s safety. Customers are allowed to select commodity comfortably without disclosure of face and to shorten standby time at simple store opening, buying and paying and to produce convenient living environment by financing, delivery and goods control. This study examined effect and problems of operation of existing and unattended convenience store from point of view of visual merchandising to find out model of unattended convenience store and to strengthen competitiveness of convenience store business.
Research design, data, and methodology - Research procedure of accomplishment of goal of the study was: The study investigated state of distribution business, and role and definition of VMD. First, VMD played an important role of promotion and competitiveness of unattended convenience stores. Second, the author investigated research and cases of unattended convenience stores 14 months, that is to say, from August 15, 2017 to October 15, 2018. Third, the author investigated on-the-spot three of common convenience stores, three of unattended convenience stores and three of retailers one month, that is to say, June 1, 2018 to July 1, 2018. The subject was convenience stores and retailers selling similar type of products at Seoul and metropolitan area.
Results - Layout, selling place, brand identity, goods assortment, authentication system, product information cognition and control, buying and payment system, security system, salesmen, promotion and other services should be improved from point of view of merchandising. Structure, furniture, lighting, voice, façade, VP, PP, IP and POP should be developed.
Conclusions - Unattended convenience stores saved operating cost and lessened labor and gave visitors convenience and comfortable shopping and made use of resources effectively. Further studies with quantitative analysis shall find out strategic conditions for promotion of unattended convenience stores.

JEL Classifications: D47, L80, M21, M30.

비주얼 머천다이징 관점에서의 무인 편의점 운영시스템에 관한 연구





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