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ISSN : 2233-4165(Print)
ISSN : 2233-5382(Online)
Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business Vol.8 No.3 pp.23-36

A Study on Effect of the Elderly Living Alone's Date upon Psychological Loneliness and Happiness

Myung-Hee Jung*, Min-Kyung Joo**
*First Author, Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Jungwon University, Korea.
**Corresponding Author, Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Head of a Lifelong Education Department, Hoseo University, Korea. Tel: +82-41-560-8069,
June 11, 2017. August 4, 2017. August 15, 2017.


Purpose - In this study, dating in the elderlys’ life gave satisfaction: for elderly men, dating gave them self esteem, and in women they were satisfied with the realities. This study investigated the effect of dating in the elderly on their happiness.
Research design, data, and methodology - These days, the elderly population rapidly increased to produce a social issue and studies of such in welfare policy for the elderly are limited. The elderly has lost roles in the society because aged people give up human reason and love in accordance with the traditional expectations of them. Subjects in this study were related with investigating the elderly’s dating life, loneliness and happiness.
Results - The date life of the elderly had significant influence upon psychological loneliness. Hypothesis was adopted and results showed the degree of elderly’s dating life had a significant influence upon psychological loneliness (.230**) to account for 13.2% of psychological loneliness. Needs of dating elderly had influence upon psychological loneliness.
Conclusions - Psychological loneliness was mediated with dating in the elderly for opportunity and happiness. Hypothesis was that the dating had influence upon happiness. As a result, date opportunity, degree, needs and friendliness had no significant influence upon happiness.

JEL Classification: H75, I31, J15, R13.






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