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ISSN : 2233-4165(Print)
ISSN : 2233-5382(Online)
Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business Vol.2 No.2 pp.5-14

A Study 0n the Improvement of the domestic in producing area organizations According to the change retail environment: Focused on organized, scaled, Specialization.

Dae-Yun Kim*

*senior researcher, Korea Institute of Industrial Distribution, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

Received: November 15, 2011. Revised: December 09, 2011. Accepted: December 12, 2011.


Opening agricultural market expansion, reduced purchases throughwholesale markets, expanding the influence large retailers ofconsumer's market such as changes in the distribution system to thefarmer's market conditions are changing rapidly. Because of this,retailers of the scaled and chain-store operations was centered ondistribution environmental changes of the consumer market place.
In producing area due to changes in market conditions in theagricultural production of in producing area distribution organizationand the size distribution can not be put off no longer challenge isimminent. If it do not raise forces banded together, the producer isbound to remain as the weak. To support the distribution of thisproduction was introduced in 2000 enable the Activation Project of inproducing area distribution.
Recent in producing area Changes of Agricultural conditions inorder to cope with the Small-scale farmers and small individualfarmers are becoming Scaled and specialized. Also, is specific to eachitem and regional is showing aspects. Government support forActivation Project of in producing area distribution is greatlyimproved, but in terms of competitiveness on the market still isshowing the limitations.
The most common of these problems, the market response if inproducing area producer's organization and scale of the problem.Equipped for the purpose of consumer market place responsivenessunreasonable propelled outward from the Painter-sized weakens theorganizational power.
also, Difficult to succeed organizational size is a dissolution oranything within a few years, farmers around the best producerorganizations, such as deviation occurs is exposed to a variety ofissues.
In this study, previous studies refer to the recent changes inagricultural retail environment, background and needs oforganization·scaled, Determine the status of the domestic in producingarea organizations and derived Problems, look into Domestic andoverseas of in producing area organization with best practices forenhancing the competitiveness of the proposed improvement areintended to. In the future, in producing area distribution policy wouldlike to provide direction to the development.
The results of the study showed the follwing : 1) enhanceutilization and orrganized through the diversification of the agriculturalCollection systems. 2) Scaled to achieve through Items of specializeda wide area marketing. 3) Management operating units, such asinstallation and operating that overseas the best practices " ComiteEconomique Agricole Regional 'Fruits et Legumes' de Bretagne". 4)To establish a support system that in producing area distributionorganization model development for appropriate domestic.
In particular, in case of domestic in producing area distributionorganization, through the analysis of various case study that asuccessful organization and scaled.
The process of the various challenges arising in organizationalscaled and generalization, and by the way he goes about trying toovercome is required. At the end of the study's limitations and futureresearch directions suggested.